Spring 2009 Forum

Status Check on President Obama's First 100 Days and the Implications for Michigan

May 04, 2009




John Gooddeeris, PhD, Professor of Economics and Associate Dean, MSU College of Social Science

Julie L. Novak, Executive Director, Michigan State Medical Society

Janet Olszewski, MSW, Director, Michigan Department of Community Health

Dennis M. Paradis, Eecutive Director, Michigan Osteopathic Association

Anne Rosewarne, President, Michigan Health Council

Peter Schonfeld, Senior Vice President, Policy & Data Services, Michigan Health & Hospital Association

Kim Sibilsky, Executive Director, Michigan PrimaryCare Association

Alan Weil, Executive Director National Academy for State Health Policy - Keynote


Speaker Presentations

Health Care Costs and Health Reform  (J. Goddeeris)

President Obama's First 100 Days: The Impact on Medicaid and Other Programs  (J. Olszewski)

Michigan Osteopathic Association  (D. Paradis)

Surveys From Health Professions  (A. Rosewarne)

Michigan Health & Hospital Association  (P. Schonfeld)

Obama, Health Centers and the First 100 Days  (K. Sibilsky)

President Obama's First 100 Days: Progress and Prospects for Health Reform  (A. Weil)